What to taste in Trapani

sarde a beccafico

The Trapani cuisine is strongly affected by the influence of Arab and contamination of other cuisines but almost always prefers the blue fish in the Mediterranean. Among the dishes there are couscous, rice balls, cassatelle of ricotta, Genovese Erice, the Spince, sfincione of St. Joseph and the Sardinian warbler.

  • Cous Cous with fish soup

    cous cous di pesce

    Typical dish made of bran of hard wheat to taste with fish soup and the flavor is very intense and spicy. In Trapani couscous fish is prepared as follows: the wheat , topped with chopped onion, cinnamon, olive oil, salt and pepper, parsley and bay leaf, is "incocciata" that is worked by hand, adding a little 'time to water and is then steamed in an earthenware container for about 20 minutes. Aside , the fish soup is prepared frying 2 onions with a little 'tomato, parsley and chopped almonds. The fish which are combined in this dish are rockfish in conjunction with some shrimp, grouper, Vopa or hen. Ultimate cooking and put a little 'soup and fish on the plate of cous cous. The fish which are combined in this dish are scorpion fish in conjunction with some shrimp, grouper, Vopa or gurnard. Ultimate firing and put a small amount of 'soup and fish on the plate of cous cous.

  • Arancini of rice


    The arancini are a typical dish made of rice that are stuffed, breaded and fried to taste hot at all times of the day. The rice is cooked adding salt freely and it is seasoned with a little amount 'of parmesan or grana padano and 3 beaten eggs (just put the Reds in the rice and let the egg whites aside for the breading), you let it sit until it is cooled and in the meantime prepare the seasoning for the filling. You can season arancini with mozzarella and prosciutto, with narrow meat sauce, with mushrooms and spinach, as you like best. Once cooled rice, prepared rice balls inside which you will insert the filling, close them by wrapping in your hands and wet them firstly on the white part of the egg you have beaten and then on the breadcrumbs. Once completed the breading, fry the arancini in plenty of oil.

  • The Granite


    Try the granita of jasmine, mulberry, lemon, orange and almond. If you are in Trapani, try them by Colicchia. This bakery is located in the historical center of Trapani and guarantees the granite and the most delicious pastries ever.

  • Cassatelle


    Cassatelle are a typical dessert of Trapani stuffed with sweet cheese cream and chocolate chunks. The taste is very unique, and if you enjoy hot or cold. For the dough you need white wine, 1 kg of wheat flour, 100 grams of sugar, 150 grams of lard and 2 egg yolks while for the sweet cream cheese you need 1 kg of cream cheese with 500 g of sugar, 100 g of chopped dark chocolate and grated lemon peel.

  • Genovesi of Erice


    At Maria Grammatico's pastry the smells will make you hungry. Here we produce sweets with old recipes. Impossible to resist. Try the Genovese, little cakes of soft dough stuffed with creme custard orsweet cream cheese.